Beverage Set


  • Image of Beverage Set
  • Image of Beverage Set
  • Image of Beverage Set

Our Beverage Set features a Decanter and four Medium glasses, perfect for a small socially distanced get together on the patio. The Decanter can hold 34 ounces while each Medium glass can manage about 10 ounces. Packed in a deluxe gift box.

Image of Pair of Coppa
Pair of Coppa
Image of pair of Prosecco
pair of Prosecco
Image of set of four Tiny cups
set of four Tiny cups
Image of pair of Small
pair of Small
Image of pair of Medium
pair of Medium
Image of pair of Large
pair of Large
Image of pair of Vino Rosso
pair of Vino Rosso
Image of pair of Vino Bianco
pair of Vino Bianco
Image of Decanter
Image of pair of Rocks
pair of Rocks
Image of pair of Campana
pair of Campana
Image of Pair of Highball
Pair of Highball
Image of Cocktail Collection
Cocktail Collection
Image of Pitcher
Image of Carafe
Image of Sake set
Sake set
Image of Cup and Carafe
Cup and Carafe
Image of pair of Espresso
pair of Espresso
Image of pair of Grappa
pair of Grappa
Image of Large Vase
Large Vase
Image of Small Vase
Small Vase
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