Malfatti Glass


About Malfatti Glass

malfatti :  Italian [mahl-FAH-tee]. A type of hand-rolled dumpling; literally, "misshapen"

Each Malfatti Glass is uniquely shaped, the result of having been made in a flame using only hand tools and the breath of the artisan.

Strong yet surprisingly soft in the hand, these lightweight glasses are made from borosilicate glass, the same material used to make laboratory ware.

Delicate yet durable, Malfatti Glass will soon become your favorite glassware.


Malfatti Glass was created by the Ten Willow Studio creative team of Daniel Spitzer, glassblower and former Dale Chihuly crew member, and Jill Reynolds, an award-winning visual artist known for her innovative use of flameworked glass.

In addition to Malfatti Glass, our creations range from large-scale installation pieces to individual chandeliers or sculpture. No matter the scope, every work is shaped by our belief in the power of light and art to enhance the spirit of a space.

We work closely with each client to choose themes, shapes, and materials that form a relationship between the work and its location. Our designs often reflect layers of meaning specific to the concept of the project and to the installation site. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that amplifies, energizes, and inspires.