What is borosilicate glass? Borosilicate glass is well known for its durability and resistance to thermal shock. Having constituents including silica and boron oxide, borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and a melting point much higher than ordinary glass (over 1500 degrees F). It contains no lead. With its superior durability, chemical and heat resistance, borosilicate glass is often used for scientific laboratory equipment, optical and lighting applications, as well as in glass cookware.

Why are the glasses sold in pairs? Because nobody should drink alone. That said, if you would like to order glasses in odd numbers please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Are the glasses dishwasher safe? Yes. The glasses will be unaffected by the heat or detergent of the dishwasher. Care should be taken though as the glasses are lightweight and can possibly be lifted from the rack by water jets from below.

Can the glass be heated? Yes. Malfatti glassware can be heated in a microwave oven or in a hot water bath. The glass and liquid will become hot but there should be no danger to the glass itself from the heat. Never heat the glass over direct heat on a stovetop.

Can I use ice in my glass? Yes. While the glasses are resistant to thermal shock, they are thin-walled. Therefore we recommend adding ice only after liquid is already in the glass and adding the ice by hand and never from a refrigerator's ice machine.

Do you wholesale? Yes. Contact us for more info and pricing information. We are sorry but we do not offer glass on consignment.

Do you do custom work? Yes. Please contact us with your questions and ideas. For examples of our commissioned work please visit our website at tenwillow.com.